Ships Repair Agency
& General Services

Our company through its global network of principals, can offer a wide range of Repair, Agency and General Services to fleet operating companies.
All of our business dealings are conducted fairly and professionally, and we provide top-quality services at the stipulated time and place.
As a company and individually, we make every possible effort to act in innovative and proactive manner, exceeding your expectations & anticipating your needs in order to ensure a long and mutually beneficial relationship.
In that regard and for your reference, please find here below a list of countries/ regions we offer our services concerning cooperating shipyards/ workshops/ repair squads / spare parts companies for your kind attention and perusal.
Regions & Services
Shipyards Representation-workshops
Agency services,sand and water blasting , painting,tank cleaning services , life saving and fire fighting services
Shipyards Representation
(Afloat repairs/Spare parts/ Boiler Repairs)
Afloat Repairs / Tank Cleaning
Tank cleaning services / Afloat repairs / Underwater services/ ridding team
Shipyards Representation
Agency services technical man power,shipyards representation.
Shipyards Representation
(Agency Services) life saving and fire fighting services
(Agency Services) life saving and fire fighting services
(Agency Services) life saving and fire fighting services
Our Services
Collaboration & Partnership with Ermis Shipping Agency Pte Ltd Singapore
24 / 7 Qualified Services
Furthermore our qualified service engineers are available
24-hours a day. We provide quality, cost effective riding teams for afloat projects as well as workshop back-up services, including technical follow up. The multi-disciplined work force concept results in real savings in time and productivity.

We perform through our Principals:

Planned maintenance contracts
Overhauling, Inspection and troubleshooting services of Main engines
and Auxiliary engines on-site
In-situ Honing of all type engines cylinder liner, Air coolers and
heat exchanges retubing and pressure testing on-site
Alignment of any type
Cargo pumps & Steam turbines repairs on site
Centrifugal, gear, screw pumps repairs on-site
Hydraulic systems repairs and maintenance on-site
Moreover and almost to all above regions we can offer:

Refinery fuel oil tanks cleaning
Hydroblasting & Ultra High Hydroblasting (600 -3000 bars)
Sandblasting (Sa1, Sa2, Sa2 ½, Sa 3)
Coating works, internal and external surfaces
Marine WBTs installation
Cargo tanks and fuel oil tanks cleaning and painting
Gas free
Manpower supply
Technical Support all over the world

Local Phones:
+30 22810 76863, +30 211 418 0323
Mobile Phone: +30 6984 313 280
For Technical Matters:

Please feel free to contact us, to discuss on any questions you may have
regarding our company.